Weekly Draw #3

This week’s draw examines one of the integral systems built into the GMs Tarot.

We touched on Suits in last week’s Blog post (which you can find here) but we only grazed the surface.  Suits indicate a theme and when you have multiple cards of the same suit, well that just means you get to dial up the level or the impact that the theme has on your session.

You can find out how we used the cards here:

Card Draw #3 More about suits

Weekly Draw!

So, we thought we’d give you GM’s out there a little helping hand over the next few weeks with some card draws from the Games Masters tarot.

We’ll be doing a weekly draw every Saturday night, hopefully just in time for your gaming session.

We hope it gives you a little inspiration.

Below, you will find the first set of cards we drew after the long (and admittedly rather  drunken) night spent sticking address labels to playing cards to make the Mk1 prototype deck.

You can find a write-up on how we used the cards in one of our games here:

Card Draw #0 The moment we knew we had something