Two days and counting

Hi guys,

As you are probably aware Trinity Knot Studios have been working on something I’ve been referring to as “Secret Project #3” for a couple of months now.

Well the wait is almost over as we are putting the finishing touches to the Kickstarter this week and getting ready to push the scary big green button on Friday the 29th of June at 20h00.

We don’t have early bird rewards because we find them massively unfair, but we do have a number limited pledges (is that even a term?) for the “I made that” pledge.

This pledge is where 3 people (or I guess one person who has a spare £300) can have some creative input on the project and design their own card, be it a Location an Encounter or a Hook.

This is the first Trinity Knot Studios product and we think it is something that can make a GMs job a little bit easier, we have a whole range of other products under development and we’d like to start with a bang so please feel free to show your support on Friday night by pledging and sharing the link to the project to all your gaming friends




The Kickstarter campaign is almost ready!

We have been soooo busy over the last few weeks getting everything ready for the Kickstarter campaign.

We’re almost there now.

The hours of double and triple checking the content are coming to an end, Porthos has stopped pointing angrily at the big gantt chart of everything, Aramis has stopped twitching when D’artagan spots a typo on the launch page and Athos isn’t muttering darkly to himself any more.

After 6 months of occasionally drunken, but mostly dam hard work, we’re almost there.

The thing is, because we’re working with friends on a project we all have faith in, it hasn’t felt like work.


A busy time for Trinity Knot Studio…

This week we’ve been working on the Kickstarter campaign for the GM’s Tarot.

Here’s a sneak peek at whats been going on in the background at Trinity Knot Studio HQ:

The campaign is all about content and we’ve been concentrating on that heavily over the last few weeks.  Above, Al P and Jeremy are working on some photos for the cover page.

So, here’s a sneak peek at what’s coming up:

Here are some of the weekly draws we’ve done so far:

And also a first look at the prototype cards:

There’s more to come!

We’ll be launching the Kickstarter soon so keep any eye on our pages!

Weekly Draw #4

OK, so with this draw we’ll explore another use from the cards:  Precognition.

We’ll also step away from the classical fantasy genre into the modern fantasy / horror world of Harry Dresden (and yes, we’ll be doing a modern horror deck, consider yourselves warned).

You can find out how we used the cards for precognition in one of our games here:

Card Draw #4 Precognition