Hi guys,

As you are probably aware Trinity Knot Studios have been working on something I’ve been referring to as “Secret Project #3” for a couple of months now.

Well the wait is almost over as we are putting the finishing touches to the Kickstarter this week and getting ready to push the scary big green button on Friday the 29th of June at 20h00.

We don’t have early bird rewards because we find them massively unfair, but we do have a number limited pledges (is that even a term?) for the “I made that” pledge.

This pledge is where 3 people (or I guess one person who has a spare £300) can have some creative input on the project and design their own card, be it a Location an Encounter or a Hook.

This is the first Trinity Knot Studios product and we think it is something that can make a GMs job a little bit easier, we have a whole range of other products under development and we’d like to start with a bang so please feel free to show your support on Friday night by pledging and sharing the link to the project to all your gaming friends




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