About Us

Meet the team:

Trinity Knot Studios is made up of a core of 4 people:  Al H, Al O and Al P, oh and Jeremy.

That is a lot of Als, but each of us brings something different to the table.

Jeremy or D’Artagnan is one of those annoying people who just seems to be able to “do things”.  We haven’t found something he hasn’t just taken in stride.

In addition to being The guy who gets stuff done, he’s also a historical re-enactor, web-designer, programmer, project manager and recently (as if being the director of a games company wasn’t enough strings to his bow), he’s become a real life Black Smith (I swear, you can’t make this stuff up).

He’s a big fan of anything swashbuckly, which probably explains the hair and the beard.

He’s most excited about laser death rays

Al H or Athos is a martial artist, a blogger/Vlogger and he has been gaming for longer than you would believe (we may have to have a Guess Al’s Age competition ‘cos it freaks me out).

His articles/videos about character design/optimisation have been helping players get the best out of their games for a good couple of years.

He’s the king of D&D and believes to the very core of his being the 3.5 was and is the best edition EVER.

He’s most excited about project Aktarma

Al O or Pothos is a historical re-enactor, project manager, competent mountain biker (he says competent, we say accident prone; when you see him ask him about the tree) and a role-player with over 30 years of gaming under his belt.

He is also the Voice of Doom and the Keeper of Deadlines which helps set the scene perfectly for what will happen if/when deadlines are missed.

His taste in RPG’s tends to be both dark and brutal.

He’s most excited about TKS adventures

Al P or Aramis is a gamer and game/miniature designer, has competed internationally in both Warhammer Fantasy Battle and 40k  and has already released a couple of games with different partners; you may have heard of a couple of them?

He’s been involved in a handful of kickstarters all of which funded AND fulfilled ahead of schedule. This makes him “The One That Gets Stuff Done” so if he looks distracted just give him a second, someone probably just suggested something and he’s working through how to take it from being a cool idea into a thing, one thing’s for sure, he’ll need a giant whiteboard.

He’s a keen Role Player, Wargamer, Online pew-pewer, Airsofter and has been gaming on and off with Al O for the last 30 years.

He’s most excited about TKS Adventures, or maybe its the Gaming Engine