The Basics

We’re hoping that you have probably had a shuffle through the deck a couple of things have leapt out at you.

There are three categories of cards:

Locations, Encounters and Hooks. 

Each card features a Title, hopefully this has planted the seed of an idea.  

It may also have elicited a “cool!” a “what?” or even an “ewwwww!”  from you.

 The Location and Encounter cards each have three pieces of flavour text, which, hopefully, will get your creative juices flowing if the Title didn’t quite hit the spot

Hooks have a number of suggestions on how you can put a twist into your scene.

Basic use:

Before you use the deck we recommend you separate the cards by type into three separate piles face down in front of you; one each for Locations, Encounters and Hooks.

Shuffle each individual deck and draw one card of each type and place them face up in front of you.

This will give you a Location where your scene takes place, who or what your Player Characters will Encounter and a Hook that twists that scene into something memorable for both you and your Players!

Put it all together and link it into your game.