Other Uses

Precognition, divination, visions, fortune telling and scrying:

Some systems allow PC’s to see the future by the use of spells, feats, powers or visions.

This can sometimes be difficult for the GM as the players constantly ask for clues at the start of every game session.

Imagine the look of horror on their faces as you tell them to draw cards with the full knowledge that something will certainly happen at some point!

With a suitably evil grin, ask the Player to shuffle every deck and draw a card from each pile without looking at them. Now have the player hand the cards to you face down.

We recommend that the player does not get to see the draw; it keeps them nervous that way.

Interpret the draw using the guidelines below, twist it to fit the game and your sense of humour then relate the vision to the player in suitably dark metaphors.

Note the results for use later on and spring it on the player when they think they got away with it.

To help with the record keeping, we’ve included a downloadable record sheet in the Media & Downloads section of the site.