Venatori is set in an alternative Edwardian London plagued by supernatural threats.

Your players are members of one of the Secret Societies sanctioned by the Venatori.

Charged with protecting the people of London from horrifying supernatural threats whilst maintaining the illusion of normality.

Your Secret Society must thrive amidst the threats posed by rival societies; vengeful scions of Dracula, insidious river witches, werewolves, ghouls, and the vengeful spirits of the restless dead.

In this standalone game, you’ll find

  • Rules to create warriors in the secret war using a selection of character archetypes
  • Rules to create your Secret Societies, each with differing agendas and goals
  • Robust core mechanics that reward storytelling, where a character’s position matters just as much as the characters ability scores
  • A mechanic that cuts through the usual slog of planning and preparation and lets your players get to the heart of the story
  • Rules for gadgets, smog tech, magik and other occult powers
  • A setting guide to the Smog filled city of Edwardian London, including detailed locations, factions, and memorable NPCs

Built with the Forged in the Dark