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We’re a bunch of gamers with a whole bunch of ideas that we’d like to share with you.
Collectively we share about 80+ years’ worth of gaming experience, in that time, as you can imagine we’ve spent a lot of time thinking about things we would;
• Like to see
• Would find helpful

We got a bit bored waiting for someone else to dream up our list, so we thought we would give it a go ourselves – after all, people make stuff all the time, how hard can it be*?

We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel, we want to make high quality, system-neutral materials and accessories that when you see them you think either;
• Wow, that’s cool
• I could use something like that myself**

We like well-produced, well-designed “stuff”, be it some ultra-light camping gear or a cool new doodah that you hang on your keyring and open beer*** with and that’s the kind of gaming product we aim to make.

*Turns out really bloody hard, but that’s another story
**This is our preferred response, but if you’re a “Wow” kinda person and not a “got to get me some of that” kinda person, tell someone else that you game with about it
*** Just in case anyone needs a doodad to open a beer, try this


Developed by us:
GMs Tarot fantasy edition. Our first kickstarter, production version is on its way. Click here for more info.
GMs Tarot Post apocalypse edition. Coming very soon.
The Deck Of Many Things. Our take on the D&D classic with a heavy focus on quality artwork coming soon.
Caswaren Fantasy RPG. In development

Hosted By Us:
Deep Nightly Fathoms. A an RPG exploring dark dreamscapes inspired by the beautiful engravings of XIX century artist Gustave Doré. Click here for more info.


  • The GMs Toolkit or The “Prepared” Games Master

    The GMs Toolkit or The “Prepared” Games Master

    This is the start of what we hope is going to turn into a series of posts where we share ideas that you can use to build up your GMs Toolkit and hopefully make your life as a GM a bit easier.

    So, what’s a GMs Toolkit?

    For me, it’s the useful “stuff” that you can use on the fly and that leaves you to focus on the important thing, keeping the story flowing.   

    My GMs Toolkit is a folder filled with resources that I’ve built up over 30 years of gaming, If you’re just getting started you might want to consider things like*; 

    Basically, anything you can use that makes your job of keeping the story flowing easier.

    So, that’s the theory behind a GMs Toolkit – in each one of these posts, we’ll try and include a little something to add to yours – all we ask is that you subscribe to our Bi-Weekly newsletter

    We’re also going to be picking the brains of some of the nicest people we know in gaming to find out what they consider to be their favourite secret tabletop resource.

    *We’ve included a few links to things we like, we use or we’ve backed on Kickstarter and which has made its was to Amazon


    Trinity Knot Studio is a games company that makes gaming “stuff” that would very well fit into your GMs Toolkit and we may end up talking about our stuff, but we promise we’ll always warn you first.