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About us

We’re a bunch of gamers with a whole bunch of ideas that we’d like to share with you.
Collectively we share about 80+ years’ worth of gaming experience, in that time, as you can imagine we’ve spent a lot of time thinking about things we would;
• Like to see
• Would find helpful

We got a bit bored waiting for someone else to dream up our list, so we thought we would give it a go ourselves – after all, people make stuff all the time, how hard can it be*?

We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel, we want to make high quality, system-neutral materials and accessories that when you see them you think either;
• Wow, that’s cool
• I could use something like that myself**

We like well-produced, well-designed “stuff”, be it some ultra-light camping gear or a cool new doodah that you hang on your keyring and open beer*** with and that’s the kind of gaming product we aim to make.

*Turns out really bloody hard, but that’s another story
**This is our preferred response, but if you’re a “Wow” kinda person and not a “got to get me some of that” kinda person, tell someone else that you game with about it
*** Just in case anyone needs a doodad to open a beer, try this


Developed by us:
GMs Tarot fantasy edition. Our first kickstarter, production version is on its way. Click here for more info.
GMs Tarot Post apocalypse edition. Coming very soon.
The Deck Of Many Things. Our take on the D&D classic with a heavy focus on quality artwork coming soon.
Caswaren Fantasy Sandbox Setting – compatible with all fantasy RPGs – available for sale now
Players Campaign Journal – Designed to be used with the worlds most popular RPG – Available for sale now

Trinity Knot Studio Presents

Deep Nightly Fathoms. A an RPG exploring dark dreamscapes inspired by the beautiful engravings of XIX century artist Gustave Doré. Click here for more info.


  • The Adventurer’s Journal – Designed to be used for that game with the Dragons and the Dungeons in it*

    Not sure why we didn’t do a blog post about this Kickstarter before it finished, but hey ho.

    A while ago now we were lucky to start working with an amazingly talented artist who goes by @LuckyMaggiePie over on Twitter – she’s the person who gave The Docks of Caswarren such a great feel by supplying the cover, the map and all of the art we used throughout.
    Now, the more observant amongst you are probably thinking, “Okay Al, so Maggie’s awesome – Got that – but why are you talking about Docks when the title of the post is all about an Adventurer’s Journal?”

    The reason I started waxing lyrical about Maggie and how awesome she is is because of these;

    TKS Adventurer’s Journals are designed to be used with DnD

    The Adventurer’s Journal is a 48-page softcover notebook for DnD players who like each of their characters to have a notebook of their very own.

    Available in Red, Blue, Green, Black and Pink (for a limited amount of time). The Adventurer’s Journal comes with a custom character sheet spread over the first 10 pages.

    Including a section for party member names (or am I the only one who can’t remember those), weapons, armour, loot and of course spells

    And then page after page of dotted notepaper.

    This is perfect if you happen to be the group’s nominated map maker (there’s always one).

    Or you can use it to keep track of the various leads that you’ve picked up, notes on the local thieves guild and that interesting piece of information you picked up about the Brotherhood of Stone and what they’re doing with all of the new recruits.

    It’s also perfect for drawing the creatures and characters you’ve encountered, working out the various puzzles and riddles some GMs think its fun to use or just keeping track of where you are in the initiative

    Just as soon as we’ve completed the fulfilment campaign for the Kickstarter project these will be available from our Webstore, our Etsy store and from a selection of discerning FLGS around the world – more information about that coming soon as well as a handy link to their pages.

    We are currently working on an accompanying Games Masters Campaign Journal to help GMs keep track of their campaigns and we are currently liaising with members of the Pathfinder community to create a Pathfinder 2e compatible version of the Journal.

    We have limited stocks of the various Kickstarter colours available and you can find them here

    *for some reason, there’s a bit in the legal blurb produced by WoTC, that despite making it 100% okay to create stuff that is compatible with the Dragon Game, you can’t mention Dungeons and Dragons, especially not Dungeons and Dragons 5E as a way to help promote it or make it more “searchable” – ah well.