The GMs Toolkit or The “Prepared” Games Master

The GMs Toolkit or The “Prepared” Games Master

This is the start of what we hope is going to turn into a series of posts where we share ideas that you can use to build up your GMs Toolkit and hopefully make your life as a GM a bit easier.

So, what’s a GMs Toolkit?

For me, it’s the useful “stuff” that you can use on the fly and that leaves you to focus on the important thing, keeping the story flowing.   

My GMs Toolkit is a folder filled with resources that I’ve built up over 30 years of gaming, If you’re just getting started you might want to consider things like*; 

Basically, anything you can use that makes your job of keeping the story flowing easier.

So, that’s the theory behind a GMs Toolkit – in each one of these posts, we’ll try and include a little something to add to yours – all we ask is that you subscribe to our Bi-Weekly newsletter

We’re also going to be picking the brains of some of the nicest people we know in gaming to find out what they consider to be their favourite secret tabletop resource.

*We’ve included a few links to things we like, we use or we’ve backed on Kickstarter and which has made its was to Amazon


Trinity Knot Studio is a games company that makes gaming “stuff” that would very well fit into your GMs Toolkit and we may end up talking about our stuff, but we promise we’ll always warn you first.