Docks of Caswarren – Physical Edition


This is Docks of Caswarren physical edition – please note that this product comes with a separate map


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Docks of Caswarren is Part One of the Legacy City setting.

Part 1 Legacy City Setting

Docks of Caswarren is a complete sandbox setting that features

  • 16 Locations – each incorporating 3 GM selectable legacy story options
  • 4 Factions designed to drive the story
  • A list of distinctive “local names” and beverages
  • A beautifully crafted map by our guest artist @LuckyMaggiePie

The legacy story options for each location decide the impact the location has on the game

The map remains the same, but the adventure landscape just changed forever

Docks of Caswarren was created as part of Kickstarters annual ZineQuest event and was created with the support of


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